Horchata and health

Considered in Antiquity as food and a source of vitamins, different medical studies support nowadays its many health benefits. According to recent research, the Horchata has some digestive properties very favourable for health due to its high content of amino acids and starches.

Furthermore, renowned specialists of the University of Valencia affirm that it is rich in minerals, among which can be counted phosphor, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. In addition, its low content in sodium makes it suitable even for patients with hypertension. The drink also contains non saturated fats and proteins.

It is consequently a nutritious energy drink of vegetal origin and with cardiovascular properties similar to olive oil. Hence it contributes to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides thanks to its high content in oleic acid.

All these characteristics make from the Horchata of Chufa of Valencia a complete food as it supplies the body with macro and micronutrients.